Just like you wouldn’t wear white to a wedding, or dry your socks in the microwave, there are some things that you really shouldn’t do when it comes to Email Marketing.

Because it can be such a powerful tool for your business, you don’t want to get it wrong. So let’s cover off some of the do’s and don’ts of email marketing.


The Do’s Of Email Marketing



Send Engaging Content: You don’t want those subscribers reaching for the delete key, so make sure you send them something valuable every time you hit their inbox.

Have A Permission Based List: Don’t go adding anyone and everyone to your email list. Make sure you have their permission before you email them. This is gained through an opt-in, a sign up, or an agreement.

Introduce Yourself: Your readers might only know you from the awesome freebie they downloaded, they aren’t exactly sure what your business does or the problems you solve. Tell them about it in your welcome sequence.

Use Personalisation: Using a subscriber’s name can help personalise your material and help them engage with your content. But don’t overuse this feature, it is creepy having your name repeated to you multiple times!

Think About Who You Are Talking To: It is really important to make sure the content of your emails is interesting and relevant to your target audience. But it is even more important to remember that your target audience are real people. So, speak to them like they are. Write like you are having a conversation with a friend.


The Don’ts Of Email Marketing



Buy A List: As tempting as it is to get a large number of subscribers at once, you cannot guarantee that you are buying a list of your ideal clients. It is much better to build your subscribers over time and ensure they are interested in what you can do for them.

Leave The Tumbleweeds To Roll Buy: Effective email marketing is about being consistent. So choose a frequency of emails that you are able to keep up with. Monthly is a great start. Don’t jump in guns blazing sending an email every 3 days and then fade away to nothing.

Assume Everyone Is Interested In Everything: If you serve multiple markets or have different product offerings then it is a good idea to segment your list into different categories. Then you can send a separate email to each segment to ensure you are sending relevant material to everyone.

Send Random Emails Because You ‘Should’: Your audience deserve good emails. So take the time to plan out what you are going to say in each so that you provide value. Don’t send them a page of waffle just because it is time to send your monthly email and you haven’t thought about what to write.

Type and Send: Before you hit send on any email make sure you read it over. Check for spelling, grammar and functionality in the first instance, typos are unprofessional and broken links are annoying! But also check that it reads well, the narrative makes sense and that you aren’t constantly changing topics.


Your email list is a valuable asset for your business, it is cost effective and easy way to keep in touch with your audience and nurture a great relationship.

But sometimes it can be hard to know what to say in your emails. So I have put together my 10 best tips for writing the kind of emails your clients want to read. Grab them here…

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