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Let me save you time, money and stress by writing the kind of blogs that have your ideal client tripping over themselves to work with you! 

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Your Blogs Written for You

Blogs are the answer to all your content problems. A cornerstone piece that you can repurpose across all of your marketing channels every month! So, let’s brainstorm and make a content plan. Then I will write, research and SEO optimise each individual blog post specifically for your business. Simply choose from either 1, 6, or 12 posts and how often you want them delivered.

Your Social Media Written for You

It can take a lot of time, stress and energy to write for your own business. And don’t get me started on coming up with ideas for what to post on your social media platforms! Stop wasting time and let me write your social content for you. Powerful written words that will connect with your ideal client and draw them to your business. Say no to boring posts and yes to value-packed content!

Your Case Studies Done For You

Case Studies are a powerful marketing tool, but only when done right. Apart from showcasing your amazing business and how awesome you are at solving problems, you need to deliver value to your readers too. Instead of struggling to strike that balance of sounding humble (yet fan-freakin-tastic) AND educating your audience at the same time, let me do it for you!


Why Consistency Is Key With Blogging

Does this sound familiar… Oh shoot, I better write a blog. After all, it’s been 3 months since I posted the last one. Great, I’ve posted a blog, don’t have to worry about that for a while now. Then, before you know it, another 3 months have passed and you haven’t...

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Can A Blog Help You Sell More?

I was having a conversation with a prospective client the other day and she asked me a very valid question… ‘Can a blog help me sell more?’ After all, there are so many marketing options out there, you want to make sure you are investing your time and money wisely!...

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What Is A Blog?

You know that moment when you get asked a really simple question, but you can’t quite find the words to explain the answer? I had that moment that other day. I was chatting away at a networking event (as you do!) and someone asked me what a blog was. Oddly, I was a...

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How Blogging Started – An Origin Story

Blogs are everywhere! They are all over the internet. There are so many pieces of content out there that you could not possibly ever read them all in your lifetime. Blogs have come to be recognised as an essential part of any successful branding and marketing...

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What Does A Copywriter Do?

What is a copywriter? A few days ago I went to a breakfast networking event with some local business owners and someone introduced me as a copywriter. As expected, the next question to follow was… ‘what’s a copywriter?’ It is actually a question I get asked all the...

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5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Writing Time

Great, you have set aside time in your diary to write. You are going to get so much done! But wait… the words aren’t flowing… Maybe you need a snack? Maybe a quick visit to the toilet would help? Suddenly, half of the time you set aside has already disappeared and...

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What People Are Saying

Receiving the blogs you do every week is like a little fairy godmother landing in my inbox… it’s just one thing that I know is going to be done for my business while I worry about everyone else’s. You are an absolute Godsend 🙂 My heart does a little dance each time I read what you’ve written and am proud to send it out to the world. So thank you, thank you, thank you!


The Marketing Baker


I had a bit of a block and Gemma came in and saved the day! Thanks so much Gemma for helping me with my latest blog series… you really did nail it with your style of writing and gave me exactly what I needed and saved me days of time.



Walter Alice Store

The number of people unsubscribing from my email database has considerably gone down since I have been sharing your blog articles as the main reason for my email. I really think the approach to less promotional sales emails and more focus on new content is adding much greater value to my subscribers and they are sticking around for more!


Yum Yum KIds

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