You NEED a regular newsletter.

I bet you have heard that line a million and one times from digital marketers, copywriters, online gurus, and maybe even your elderly neighbour. You know that you need one, but do you know why they are one of the most effective marketing tools in your arsenal?

Well listen up, I am here to tell you 7 of the greatest benefits of having a newsletter.


The 7 Greatest Benefits Of Having A Newsletter


1: You Own The Asset

I have said this before, but I will say it again as it is an important point. Your newsletter database is a business asset that you own and have complete control of. You can email your entire list, a small segment, or 3 different groups of subscribers. How you use it is at your discretion.

But with social media, you don’t get to dictate how you use it. You don’t own your social media pages, the platform does. Sure you get to post on there as much as you like, but you don’t know who will see your content unless you pay to play. But even if you pay, you don’t own the data. Social media could shut down tomorrow (very unlikely, but you never know) and you would have lost the only way to contact your clients.

That is why you NEED an email list. So you can stay in touch with your clients and prospects.


2: Builds A Relationship

People are becoming more savvy when deciding who they work with. You have a greater chance of converting them, or convincing them to return for repeat business if you have a relationship with them. You can establish this relationship by giving them lots of useful info that they love on a regular basis. Be even more topical and useful by segmenting your list by their interests and purchase history.


3: Keeps You Front Of Mind

We see so much information and messaging every day. It can be easy to forget about a business if you don’t hear from them often. By popping into their inbox every week, fortnight, or month, you are reminding them who you are and how you can help them.


4: Positions You As An Expert

You know that you are an expert at what you do, but how can your prospective clients know that unless you show them? Your newsletter gives you a regular opportunity to prove how awesome you are. Now don’t just send them a note saying you are awesome, that might be awkward. Instead, demonstrate your awesomeness by giving them stuff they love.

Share your recent blogs, post a link to your how to videos, explain how you solved a major roadblock, share your favourite productivity tools, or debunk a myth. Basically, just be useful.


5: Raises Your Brand Awareness

Someone might sign up to your newsletter for your killer freebie offer, but they might not know anything else about your business. Once you have welcomed them to your list with an expertly crafted welcome series, then you can further showcase your brand with your newsletter. By tuning in every week or every month, your subscribers will become more aware of your brand and how it can service them.


6: Keeps Communication Lines Open

You know when you haven’t spoken to someone in a while, and you randomly bump into them? It can be a bit stiff and awkward right? But if you had seen them every month, then conversation would probably have flown better. That goes the same for your newsletter. If you build that regular connection, then conversation will flow when the time is right to chat.


7: Provides The Opportunity For Sales

Finally, once you have done the hard yards of building a relationship, communicating well and providing value, then you can position the sale. Don’t fall off the bandwagon here though. Don’t switch to only pitching your products, remember that you need to continue being valuable or you won’t generate that income from your newsletter that you are hoping too.


Cool, so now you know why you need your newsletter it is time to write one. Does that scare you to your very core? Don’t worry, I can help with that too. Grab my free tips for how to write email content that your subscribers will be dying to read…

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