Do you have 100 hours up your sleeve?


What about the headspace to live a lie?


Well, if you don’t have those things, why are you trying to copy someone else?

Instead, you should simply “do you”.

Trying to emulate someone else’s style takes a lot of time and energy. And it is far from genuine. When you write, it should speak from your heart and be in your own voice.

Here’s why…


Why You Should Do You When You Write


Free Up Time And Headspace

It takes long enough to write something to start with, why would you try and extend that timeframe? That is basically what you are doing if you try and do anything but write like you.

You are also living a little bit of a lie.

If you spend time trying to be someone that you aren’t, then every time you sit down at your computer to write, you would have to assume a persona that is not you.

A lot of time and energy would go into creating that persona.

And when you are running your own business, who has time to spare?

Basically, you want to make the process of creating content as easy as possible. So, if you write as yourself and from the heart, you will free up time, energy and headspace.


Your Audience Get To Know The Real You

People like to do business with people. They are drawn to genuine relationships.

How can you create genuine relationships without letting people see the real you?

Often, people will want to work with your business because of the connection they feel with you. Your unique difference is what they are drawn to. They will stay working with your business because of the relationship they form with you.

Creating strong and lasting relationships takes time and effort. Imagine how much more time and effort it will take if you can’t be yourself while in the building phase.

Letting your audience see the real you will draw the right people to your business and make them stick around for the long term.


Brand Consistency

You will hear many people say that consistency is key in business. Consistent action produces results. People the world over recognise the Nike tick, Coca Cola red, and Subway’s “Eat Fresh” motto.

Why do we know these things so well?

Because these business giants used them consistently in all their marketing.

Now I am not saying that you should be goaling for the lofty heights of Coca Cola with your business (though dreaming big is great!). But we can take a lesson from their marketing departments.

Making sure that you “do you” when writing your content gives your audience a consistent way to connect with your business and build familiarity.


You Get To Be Authentic

In a world of made up moments and social-media-ready snaps, people hunt for authenticity.

By writing as you think, with your personality shining through, you get to be the authentic one. Break free from the shackles of what you think things should be like and embrace an authentic way of doing things.

Again, this is another quality that will draw people to your business.

You get to put your style out there for the world to see. By being open and honest, people will relate to it and want to work with you!


So, the next time you catch yourself trying to write like your business idols or trying to outdo a competitor’s style… just stop.

Stop trying to be someone you aren’t.

There is only one person in this whole world that can do business the way that you can. And that person is you.

“Do You” and no one else!


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