So, you have gone to the trouble of brainstorming, researching, drafting, editing, rewriting and polishing a blog post…

Now what?

“Where do I post my blog?”

What do you actually do with this piece that consumed a large chunk of your day to write?

After all, you don’t want to waste those efforts when you invested so much time into creating it.

Here is the basic rundown of where you should put your blog post once you have written it and how to maximise its potential.


Where Do I Post My Blog?

Once written, your blog post will need a home so that your audience can visit it and read it again and again.

But, where should that home be?

The best place to publish it is on your website. Most websites will have a blog or news function and this should be the first place you publish. (Have a chat to your web developer if your blog section is not yet active).

There are a number of reasons why your website is the best place to house your blog:


1: Keeps All Your Content Together

The blog section of your website is an ever evolving place. Each time you post a new article, it gets added to the archives and builds a great library of your knowledge and expertise. It gives your audience a central place to access all your content, allowing them to read as much as they want at any time.


2: Drives Website Traffic

There is no point having a well crafted, informative website if no one visits it. Having an interesting article for people to read greatly increases your chances of getting more website visitors. They click through to read the blog and you can capture their details via Google Analytics or the Facebook pixel. That then gives you the ability to remarket to them later.


3: Helps Your SEO Strategy

Every article you post on your blog page is another chance to be found online. It gives you the opportunity to try and rank for another keyword in search engine results. That means more visibility and more chances of getting people to visit your website. If your blog posts were housed in a different place, then you wouldn’t get these SEO benefits. 


But, Don’t Stop There!

The mistake that some people make is stopping when their blog goes lives on their website. 

Let me ask you this though… how are people going to know it is there is you don’t tell them?

Sure, you will have your SEO strategy, but that is more of a long term, slow burning strategy. It can take a while for Google to catalogue your posts and start placing them within search results.

So, you need to get your blog out there under your own steam too.

Here’s how you can maximise that one blog post:

  • Post a link to it on all of your social media pages (don’t forget to also post an enticing caption that encourages people to click through to read)
  • Post it on LinkedIn as an article, but don’t forget to include a link back to your website too
  • Share the link in any groups you are part of (if their rules allow you to share, of course)
  • Put the intro to your blog in your newsletter and have your readers click through to read the remainder of the article on your website


So, there you have it. Where you should put your blog in a nutshell. No need to ask ‘where do I post my blog?” any more!

By following these tips you will have both a long term and a short term strategy for getting your content seen and maximising its potential!

Don’t have the time to write your own content? Then why not let me write it for you? Shoot me an email to and let’s chat!

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