Write a blog… they say.

It will increase traffic to your website… they say.

Your audience will lap it up and be tripping over themselves to work with you… they say.

You can display your expertise… they say.

While all of these statements are 100% true, it doesn’t make writing your blog content any easier. In fact, with all the pressure of being awesome and knowledgable, it can actually make it harder.

Because, what the heck do you blog about?

How do you produce this phenomenal content when there are tumbleweeds rolling through your brain?

First step… breathe!

Second step, read on for some inspiration and sympathising!

This is what the heck you should blog about…


Feel The Fear, And Do It Anyway

While this phrase normally pertains to big hairy goals, jumping out of a plane with a parachute on your back, or moving countries, it is still relevant for blogging too.

Putting your content out there for the world to see is a scary thing. 

You are stamping your authority, so automatically there are thoughts of fear, imposter syndrome, inferiority and goodness knows what else.

But you know what?

Fear is actually a good thing. It means that you care about what you are producing and want it to be valuable for people. And it will be valuable!

Hence, feel the fear and write it anyway!


What The Heck You Should Blog About…

Right, now you are all motivated to write (well I hope you are anyway)!

So, what are you going to write about?

Here is my top list of three quick win blog posts that WILL draw your audience to you like a moth to a flame, they WILL be climbing over themselves to read it, AND you WILL look like the most expertly experty expert around!


1: Case Studies

The stories your clients tell about working with you are powerful! As are the tales your customers tell about your products that they just can’t live without. 


Because they are not trying to promote your business. 

They are simply giving a first hand account about the experience they had when they worked with you or when they purchased from you. Their words carry far more weight than anything you can say about your own business. 

So, make a list of your three best clients (who wouldn’t mind saying some nice things about you) and put together a case study of how you helped them, the problems you solved, the solutions you delivered… and don’t forget the happily ever after moment. 


2: Answer All The Questions

This idea might give you more mileage than just one blog. In fact, you might be able to generate a few blog topics or even a whole series.

You know those questions that people ask you all the time in your business? The ones you can practically see coming every time you do a sales call or chat with a prospect.

Those are all blog topics waiting to be written. You know people are interested in the answers, otherwise why would so many of them ask the same question?

Cover off one question per blog to demonstrate how well you know your audience and that you care about their worries and concerns.


3: Utilise The Resources

If you are really, really drawing a blank on what to write, then there are some tools out there that can help you. They aren’t all perfect, but they might spark some ideas that you can blog about.

Buzzsumo catalogues the top ranking content on the web. Simply type in a term to do with your industry and it will return results of all the related content that performed the best.

Answer The Public is a tool that will give you a hundred or so ideas that relate to a key term you type in. Some suggestions will need refining, but there are still some gems in there.

Google can be a goldmine of information too. Start typing things into the search bar and see what the autocomplete function suggests. The info generated by the autocomplete is based on the most popular phrases people search for. Also, check out what the search results turn up, you might get inspired there also. 


So, there you go… three easy ways to generate some blog topic ideas for you.

Here is a bonus fourth suggestion: outsource your blogs to a content writer. Not only are we full of ideas, but we take the job off your hands completely! Check out my blogging packages here, or feel free to contact me to chat further.

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