Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have heard the term “be kind” thrown around a LOT in the last few months.

It has been the mantra of our current government in their response to the pandemic.

But, it is a pretty generalised term.

What does it mean to be kind and how can it be applied in the business world?

After all, we still need to run a business and be sensible!

And what about kindness to yourself? That is a factor that is largely overlooked.

So, how can you embody this mantra to “be kind” and still run a business? 


What Does “Be Kind” Actually Mean For Your Business?


Being Kind To Others

The root of kindness is treating others with respect, compassion and empathy. You should always try and embrace this mindset in your business.

But, be practical with it.

There is the saying that the customer is always right. Most times they are… unless they are being a total dick! Then, they are not right at all. If they are bullying, abusive, or just plain rude, then you do not have to meet that with kindness. 

You can meet that in whatever way you feel is appropriate. 

Being kind to others should never come at the detriment of your stress levels, mindset, sanity, or financial stability.


Be Kind To Your Business

These are turbulent times, you need to treat your business with a bit of tender, love and care right now. Especially if your bottom line has been impacted by the lockdown period.

There is currently a lot of pressure to discount and if it is the right tactic for your business, then you can obviously utilise the practice. However, if discounting means that you make a loss or do not properly account for your time, then you may want to explore other options.

The amazing Natalie Coombe is an expert in all things pricing, so if you are struggling in this field, you should check out her fantastic resources and advice here

In all other decisions, make sure you consider the impact to your business both in the short and long term. Obviously, we all want to make it through this unsettling period, and build a strong business for the future.

You also want to ensure that your business is adhering to the current social distancing regulations. If you are unsure of what that means for your business, you can find more info on it here


Be Kind To Yourself

If you don’t be kind to yourself right now, then it will be incredibly difficult to be kind to others and to your business. 

Now, more than ever, it is important to practice self care and kindness.

I know it feels like something you don’t have time for right now. But, you need to stop pushing yourself to the ultimate limit and take some time for you. 

That doesn’t have to mean a spa retreat or a weekend away. It can be very simple. Here are a few ideas you can use to be kind to yourself:

  • Put the phone away. While it is great to always be connected, there is a constant pressure to respond to messages and to be available. Disconnect from your phone for a bit to give yourself some downtime. Also, try not to look at your phone when you wake up. It can start your brain racing before you have even brushed your teeth!
  • Speaking of waking up… make sure you get enough sleep to begin with. Sleep is so important for your wellbeing and mindset – it can change your whole day if you get enough of it. Try not to stay up too late and don’t work into the wee hours regularly.
  • Don’t try to do it all. It is alright to ask for help if you need it. Whether it is by outsourcing some of the tasks you have, asking a friend to babysit, or asking for support on a tricky query you have. 
  • Get some fresh air. Getting outside and breathing in nature’s beauty can help to clear your head and reset your thoughts. A quick stroll, a coffee in the sun, or a ride on your bike can really help your mood.
  • Just say no! It can be so easy to say yes to everything. But, if you do, you will find yourself overloaded and overwhelmed. If it doesn’t align with your current direction, your vision, or you don’t want to do it… then say no! It will feel like a weight off your shoulders.


To be kind is more than a smile at a stranger or holding the door for someone. Choosing to be kind extends into every aspect of your business and home life. 

Being kind to others is one thing. But you must remember to be kind to yourself also!

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