Sweet as bruh…

We are just heading down the line for the long weekend. Hope we don’t get lost in the wops!

Better not forget the togs and jandals, a swim at the bach/crib is mandatory for Labour weekend.

Make sure you bring a plate of choice kai as we’ll be knackered and need a mean feed after the roady and the swim!

If you are a New Zealander, you would have understood every word of that.

But, if you hale from anywhere other than Aotearoa’s fair shores, then you might be scratching your head about now.

Kiwis have a very distinct way of speaking and a very distinct way of doing business. Whether it is our number 8 wire mentality or the fact that we are isolated in our little corner of the world, we are just a little bit different.

So, should you be typing “copywriter NZ” into that Google search bar? Or chancing it by taking a punt on Upwork and Fiverr?

Let’s look into that very question now.


Should You Be Typing “Copywriter NZ” Into Google?


You Pay Peanuts…

You know the saying, you pay peanuts… 

While this does not always ring true, it can be hard to generate a quality piece of work if you are only prepared to pay a few dollars for it.

Sure, you might tick some SEO boxes and get something to publish. But, that’s probably where the benefits stop.

The ‘she’ll be right attitude’ usually won’t work here. It’s better to say ‘Yea, nah’ to those kinds of pieces and invest in some quality local content for your website.

After all, you aren’t simply paying for a certain number of words on the page. You are in fact paying for the years that your NZ copywriter has spent honing their skills and the benefit of their experience.


Uniquely Kiwi

As I mentioned above, we Kiwis are a unique breed. 

Safe in the bottom corner of the world, we have developed our own business principles and unique way of doing things. Often, people who are not from New Zealand can struggle to grasp what is involved in those principles.

So, if you try to have an overseas copywriter communicate to your New Zealand based audience, you might find that they miss the mark a bit. 

While we all speak the same language, English can be very different depending on which country you are speaking it in! After all, where else in the world would you hear something described as ‘munted’?


Local Knowledge

Having knowledge of the local market in New Zealand is more than simply knowing the nearest place to grab a pack of chuddy from. 

New Zealand’s economy is dominated by small businesses. In fact, more than 90% of New Zealand’s workforce is made up of small business owners and employees. 

If you don’t live and work in that atmosphere yourself, it can be hard to understand. This is especially true if your international copywriter comes from a country that is dominated by huge corporations. 


Operating In The Local Market

New Zealanders are also pretty amazing. Our pioneering ways and innovation stretch over countless industries.

Think Kate Sheppard pioneering women’s rights, Ernest Rutherford splitting the atom, Sir Ed conquering Everest, Lorde dominating the music charts, Peter Jackson creating movie magic, and so many more amazing achievements from a small, but mighty nation.

Other countries may not fully understand our knack for creating clever solutions, our strong passion for professionalism, and our ability to work hard until the task is done.

However, if you choose a copywriter in NZ, they will be operating their own business in the same local market as you, therefore live it and breathe it!



Your written content is a reflection of your business. So, you want to ensure that you are giving your audience the right perception.

To communicate professionally and get the right message across, your audience needs to be able to understand you. Which means using a writer with a strong command of the English language. Some international copywriters will definitely have this skill, but some may not. 

By using an NZ copywriter (like myself), you can ensure that nothing is lost in translation – both in your content brief and the messaging that is conveyed to your audience.


Great Working Relationships

There are approximately three degrees of separation in New Zealand. Because of that, we are a tight knit and supportive community.

NZ copywriters have a sense of camaraderie with other small business owners.

They want your business to succeed as much as their own. Together we are keeping the economy strong and keeping other New Zealanders employed. 

A copywriter in NZ does not simply work for their clients. They form strong bonds and foster great working relationships. That allows them to have a greater understanding of your business and how to deliver real results. 

Word travels fast, so reputation is everything! You can trust that an NZ content writer will go out of their way to ensure that the job is always done right!


“Copywriter NZ”?

So, should you be typing “copywriter” or “copywriter NZ” into your Google searches?

Well, the answer is, if you are a New Zealand business dealing with New Zealand clients and customers, then the logical choice is to pick a content writer that is based right here in NZ!

That way, you can trust they will understand the special nuances of NZ business.

Need some choice content for your Kiwi business? Then, why not jump on a free strategy call with me today to see how I can help!

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