There is a bit of a misconception about writing good emails. I think it might come from the constant pressure you feel to stay in touch with your list. Because of this pressure, you dash out an email in a hurry and immediately send it out to your list.

Sometimes, little to no thought goes into this kind of email. You just feel like you have to get something on the page and get it out!

Did you know that you should put the same amount of thought into writing an email as you would into writing a blog or a sales page? The emails you send should be of great value to your readers, so you need to think about the content in them.

So, what is the secret to writing a good email?

The Secret To Writing Good Emails…

It’s a simple one… set a clear goal for your email.

For each email you write, you need to be clear on why you are sending it. Decide on the results you want from your email and write with that in mind. You can’t possibly achieve the purpose of your email if you don’t know what you are writing about.

There you have it, a simple tip to help you create emails that achieve results.

So how do you put it into action?

You KISS it. Keep It Simple Sunshine.

Choose a simple goal so that you can write a clear and concise email. You can achieve a simple and effective message if you choose one goal. It also means that your readers won’t be confused by too many options.

Which email do you think would resonate more?

  1. A singular call to action encouraging readers to click through to a landing page.
  2. A number of call to actions asking your readers to click to a landing page, sign up for an additional email sequence, book a discovery call, watch a video link and read a blog.

The first option has a greater chance of producing the desired result as there is no chance of confusion for your readers.

Tips For Writing Good Email Content

Now that you have your objective clear in your mind, it is time to get some great words in there. Here are my 10 tips for writing great emails…

  1. Write a killer headline that encourages your readers to open your email
  2. Think of your readers when you are writing your content, write as though you are speaking directly to them
  3. Have a strong opening sentence to grab their attention
  4. Provide valuable content in each email
  5. Use persuasive language with your call to action
  6. Have a singular call to action
  7. PROOFREAD… that is all
  8. Use the word ‘you’ to make it more personal
  9. Use bold and italics to emphasise key components
  10. Run your text through Grammarly to flag any spelling or grammatical errors

If you would love more great email tips like these, then grab my 10 best ones by entering your details below.

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