Once upon a time, there was a busy business owner. Let’s call her Sarah.

Now, Sarah had a To-Do List as long as her arm.

She worked and worked all day (when the kids weren’t bothering her of course), but she never seemed to get ahead.

It wasn’t through lack of trying though. 

She served her clients, she posted on social media, she dropped the kids at school and picked them up, she had Zoom meetings galore and spent hours tweaking and perfecting her offerings so that they expertly solved her client’s problems.

But, Sarah’s business was not growing.

There just weren’t enough hours in the day to advertise for the new perfect clients, let along to onboard them.

Sarah was stuck. She had hit her glass ceiling. She physically could not do any more work as she had run out of hours in the day.

So, what could she do?


A Familiar Story

Does Sarah’s story sound familiar? Can you relate to it?


And do you know why that is?

It is likely that it is your story too. And I just drew you in by weaving a compelling tale. That is the power that storytelling has. You can harness that power and use it in your own business. 

For millennia humans have loved stories. In fact, we crave them.

There is a reason that your kids want you to read them at least six stories every night. Because stories are an amazing way to learn a lesson, discover wonder and show you a path forward.

You connect with them. More importantly, you remember them!


Being Memorable

What was the last statistic you remembered off the top of your head? 

I know, I am funny, right? You don’t remember statistics, you have to look that kind of stuff up! But stories are another matter. 

You could probably still recite your favourite childhood story almost word for word. And that was *mumble mumble* years ago since you heard it told!

That is the power of a story. It sticks in your mind and stays with you.

If you use storytelling in your business marketing, then you are compelling people to remember who you are and what you do. Pretty cool stuff, huh?


Harnessing The Power Of Your Story

The thing about storytelling is that it isn’t really about you. Even if you are telling a story about your business.


Well, really compelling stories put your clients in the driver’s seat. They become the hero of the story so that the content is relatable and creates a connection. You probably won’t remember a business that drones on about all of its achievements and all the things it has done.

After a while, those kind of stories start to sound like the teacher in Charlie Brown… Mwa, mwa, mwa…

But, if your client takes a journey through your storyland, overcomes the obstacles and problems that plague them by using your solutions, it will make for a happily ever after moment. They are the hero, they have defeated their problematic foe and will go on to enjoy their storybook ending. 


Using Storytelling In Your Business

To be able to effectively use storytelling in your business, you need to understand exactly who your clients are. Know what problems they face and how your solutions can help them.

But, it doesn’t end there. You also need to be familiar with your own business backstory and your vision. Wrapping these into your brand story will really give people something to connect with. If you can tell a story that gives a sense of your bigger purpose, then you will be onto a winning formula. 

Remember that people want to do business with people. There are thousands of pieces of content being created every day. Being human, open and compelling is what will set yours apart from the masses.


Help your past, present and prospective clients make sense of the world with a compelling story. Read more of my stories over on my blog today!

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