I know it’s hard.

You probably feel like you want to crawl into your own little cave and hibernate.

There is so much noise out there.

There are so many people posting about everything from pandemics to homeschooling, and handwashing to queues at the supermarket. 

But, do you know what all of that is?

Beyond a certain point, it all just becomes noise. You absently scroll past it because it is a reiteration of something you have read a hundred times in the last week alone.

Your content will be different. You aren’t only bringing noise to the feed.

Instead, you are bringing value, interest and maintaining your own business sanity.

So, here is why you need to keep up your digital content now more than ever…


Why You Need To Post Your Digital Content Now More Than Ever


For Sanity’s Sake

One of the best reasons is to protect your own sanity. 

Let’s face it, this situation is a little weird. Regardless of whether your business is full steam ahead or on pause for the lockdown period, nothing is normal. 

You might not be sure what the priorities are for your business right now, you might even be wondering how your business is going to survive this period. 

Producing your blogs and social media content can be a sanity saver. They can give you a spot of normalcy in an otherwise uncertain week. Your digital content is something that you have complete control over. 

Writing, creating and producing can keep you sane in a time where it is so easy for your mind to wander.


Keeping Motivation High

It is no secret that it is hard to work during lockdown. You will have to find a new normal. There are probably extra people in your space interrupting your flow.

And if you have the kids at home, there will be noise like you have never experienced before. Especially after it has been a week or two of them not being able to see their friends or go out and run around freely. 

It can be easy to lose motivation and retreat to that hibernation cave.

In a surprising way, creating your content can keep your momentum going. Momentum often leads to motivation. So, if you can tick your blogs, social posts and even a video off the list, you will be making progress.

Once you build your progress momentum, nothing is going to stop you from there!


Meeting The Needs Of Your Audience

Your audience will be going through the same tough times that you are. They might feel lost, or overwhelmed, or rudderless.

You can deliver content to help them. Your blog might reignite their interest to continue on something they had given up on. A social media post might be the motivation they need to get a big job done in their business. Your live might be the thing that sparks their next big idea.

By meeting the needs of your audience, you are spreading the love.

You are giving your knowledge and insight to the people that need it the most. And most importantly, by continuing with your content, you are putting a bit of normal back into everyone’s lives.


Staying Memorable

This one doesn’t need much explanation. If you don’t stay in front of your audience consistently then they might accidentally forget about you.

It’s not like they will mean to. But, we have already mentioned that their newsfeeds are being flooded right now. Don’t forget to throw your content into the mix too so that you can stay memorable and stay connected to your audience.


Being A Point Of Difference

Yes, there is a lot of noise out there. Yes, your newsfeeds and inbox are overflowing with messages. But, how many of them do you want to read?

Do you really care about how big brands are doing their part to stop the spread of the virus? Heck, we are all doing our part to stop the virus spreading!

But, your content will be different. People will want to read your content. You are not simply paying lip service to a situation. You have things to say that are interesting and valuable. 

Put it out there! Be the bright spot of interest in amidst a grey washed newsfeed of blah blah!


So, as you can see, it is pretty important to keep putting your digital content out into the world right now. If you don’t, you are missing many opportunities for yourself and for your audience. 

Know you need to get that content out there, but struggling to? Then, let’s chat. Blogging is my thing and I would love to help you stay connected with your audience during these times of lockdown and beyond.

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