To say that it has been an interesting two months would be an understatement.

The entire world has been thrown into a pressure cooker of stress. 

Stress about your health, stress about your family, stress about your business, and a generous helping of general stress about the whole situation.

As we adapt to a new way of life under Level 2, it feels like the steam is slowly escaping the pressure cooker. 

There has been a cathartic release as our nation gets back to a little bit of normality and routine.

But, what will these new routines look like?

Yes, the kids are back at school, shops are opening and workspaces are filling, but it is far from business as usual.

Is this our opportunity to carve out a Brave New World?

One thing I do know, is that it’s the perfect time to support the small business community.

Everyone is saying “support local” and “buy local”, which is great advice. But, you don’t only need to show support with your wallet. There are heaps of other ways you can boost the business community without spending a cent (unless you want to of course!)


A New Way Of Doing Business In Level Two


Sharing Is Caring

It costs nothing but a bit of time to like, comment on, or share posts from your favourite local businesses on social media. Bonus points if you share their blogs and articles to your audience too. 

While social media shares do not always translate to direct sales, it is excellent for brand exposure and keeping businesses in front of the people that will eventually buy from them.

By helping those posts get greater reach, you are expanding the potential of people being able to buy from these businesses at some point.


Give Your Knowledge Freely

You are an expert in your own right and are awesome at what you do. So, why not share some of your wisdom and knowledge with the people that need it most right now?

As incomes are down, businesses will not necessarily have the funds to invest in the services they want. You can give them some pointers on how to take some key steps in the right direction.

I am not saying you should work for free. But, if you give a little knowledge now, who do you think people will come to when they do have the funds to spend?


Stop, Collaborate And Listen!

Collaboration can be a fantastic way to expose your business to a whole new audience. It is also a great way to support local.

Is there another business that offers complementary services or products to yours? Then maybe there is some way that you can work together to give each other a boost. 

Whether it is marketing each other to your own personal audiences or teaming up to offer a package deal, you can make a big impact for little investment.


Support Local

Of course, if you have money in your budget, then you can boost the business community by supporting your local operations.

Need a VA or a web designer? There are plenty of amazing options right here in little ol’ New Zealand. Keep your dollars onshore by contracting one of them to help with the tasks you need in your business.

Buy your veggies from local growers, shop at your local butcher, frequent farmer’s markets and community events. Choose the cafes you love and get a coffee there once a week or have a special occasion meal at your local restaurant.

Give your local and independent businesses the same chance of surviving and thriving as the big businesses and corporations. New Zealand’s economy relies heavily on the thousands of small businesses operating on our shores. Help them to make it through!


While the lockdown restrictions have been HARD, we are entering a new era of business. People are embracing the online opportunities available to them. More people are engaging digital services as they themselves are working from home.

There is a world of opportunity out there. And if we all support each other, we can make great things happen and help as many businesses pull through this as possible!

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