Writing for your business can be really easy. After all, who knows what you do better than you right? You could probably wax on for hours about your business.

But how do you know if what you are writing is going to be well received?

There is no point spending the hours it takes to write blogs, newsletters, emails and web content if no one is going to read it!

So, how do you make sure people read what you write?

You need to prepare yourself to write great content, that’s how.

Don’t groan about the fact that there is now more work to add to your list of things to do. I promise you that this prep work will be worth it. Here is why…


Why You Need To Prepare Before You Write…


Where Are You Putting It?

The first thing you need to decide is where you are putting your content as that will dictate how you write it. Obviously, if you are writing a social media post then it is going to be a lot shorter than a blog.

A social media post needs to be short(ish), snappy and encourage engagement with your audience. But a blog would be more long form with greater detail and a clear takeaway at the end. Sales copy would be different again as it needs to be persuasive. So, before you sed hours writing, know the purpose of your piece and where you are going to put it!


You Want Your Content To Be Well Received

The whole objective of producing great content is so that it gets seen and read. You also want it to be useful to people. You can’t do that unless you find the kind of content your audience likes to see.

Do they like long form blogs, or do they prefer shorter, snappier posts? Maybe they like visual things like infographics and video? No matter what content you are producing, it will need to be well written – including a video script!


Adds Value And Educates

It is great to be generous with your knowledge, but you have to be providing the kind of content that is valuable. There is no point educating your audience on something they have no interest in. You need to know who your ideal client is and what their biggest problems are. That way you can target your content to provide helpful solutions that have true value. It makes your business seem the obvious choice if you are the one that can help make their life easier!


Execute Your Strategy

You will have goals that you are working towards in your business. They may not be formal ones, but you will have an idea of the direction you want your business to go. You can use your written content to help you achieve those goals. By carefully preparing the objective for each piece, you can make great progress towards achieving your goals.

For example, you can build your email list by having a strong call to action to sign up on any blog content, or social media posts. Or you can increase your sales by becoming known as an expert for the great blog, social media, email and video content you produce.

Have your strategy in mind each time you sit down to write so that your content is always in line with it.


Point Of Difference

There could be 100 people out there that do the same thing you do, or there could be even more. But don’t let that put you off. Preparing some great written content that ticks all the boxes of interest, value, and readability will set you apart from your competitors.

It will be your point of difference. Prepare yourself by looking at what your competitors are doing. Don’t get caught up in it or let it influence the way you are running your business, it is merely a research exercise. Then, think about how you can produce content that will be a little bit different to what they are offering.

Of course, if they have had a piece of content that has gone virally nuts then you know it is something people are interested in. You can then write your own version that includes your twist and flavour.


These are just a few of the reasons why you should prepare before you write anything for your business. It really is important to make sure that your content is going to hit the mark after you have put in the time to create it!

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