You must have heard how amazing email is for your business. In fact, I have told you this very truth more than a couple of times!

But think of this… you could have the most amazing email to ever be written in the history of emails, but if no-one opens it, all that perfectly crafted content would be for nothing!

Your email subject line has to do many things in order to get your email content in front of your ideal client. It’s a lot of responsibility for one little line of text!

Let’s look at the exact reasons why you need to have a great one… every time you send an email.


Why You Need A Great Email Subject Line


It Is Your First Chance To Impress

I am not just talking about the first ever time someone receives an email from you. While it is important to impress them that first time, it is equally important to impress with subsequent emails.

Unless they are familiar with who you are the awesome content you deliver, people will often make a snap decision on whether to open your email based on the title. So it is important you make an impact and impress them with your magical words (and maybe a well placed emoji).


It Is Your Tease

The number one goal of a subject line is to entice your readers to open your email. You want to make the content of that email seem so irresistible that there is no other choice but to read it… pronto!

Teasing your audience with a great joke, statement, question, or time sensitive proposition will help you do that. If you trigger their curiosity then you will be able to stay out of the spam folder and get onto the priority list!


It Is Your Scene Setter

People love to receive emails. Well, the ones that contain the phone or power bill aren’t so popular, but the ones that provide great content are. But people are also busy, they don’t want to waste time reading rubbish.

Your subject line can let them know exactly what to expect from your email. Set the scene by hinting at the content that is to come. Never ever be tempted to use clickbait in your email subject line. You must be able to deliver on the promises you have made in the content of your email.


Why It All Matters…

Email is an effective marketing tool. Think about it, what is one of the first things you do in your workday? You check your email. It is a trusted and respected medium for communication and people expect to receive promotional material via email.

All of that adds up to good news for your business. It is far more valuable to invest your time into an email campaign as opposed to social media. That is because email open rates are more than 20 times higher than post views on social media. And conversion rates are astronomically higher too. As many as 66% of people will buy from email, whereas only 20% will buy from the likes of Facebook

When it boils down to it, time is a precious currency in business. There is never enough of it to go around, so you need to spend it wisely. That means putting your time into the things that are going to see the best return. Email is that thing, and it all starts with the subject line!


Now you know why you need a good email subject line, stay tuned for next week’s blog on how to actually write a great one.

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