When it comes to writing for your business, you don’t want to be wishy washy.

You want your confidence to shine through so that you stand out as an authority in your field.

But, that can be difficult if you feel intimidated by the process of publishing your work.

If you feel out of your depth, then it will reflect in your writing.

It means that instead of being seen as an authority, you could come off quite differently.

So, it is important to be sure of yourself and write in the correct tone to put your readers at ease.

This may not necessarily come naturally to you. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to if you use these tricks to let your confidence shine through in your written content. 

Read on to discover my best hacks for displaying written confidence…


How To Write With Confidence


Get In The Right Mindset

If you aren’t feeling confident in yourself right now, then don’t try to sit down and knock out your blog.

If you have an attack of Imposter Syndrome or something hasn’t gone quite right, then chances are you will be doubting yourself. This can come across in your writing.

So, you can either postpone the job for tomorrow or if you really have to do that content immediately, then take some time to reframe your mind. Have a 10 minute break in the sunshine, recite some affirmations, or go back and read some testimonials that happy clients have given you.

Once you are in more of a confidence mindset, then your writing will reflect it!


Get Educated

If I don’t know enough about a topic, then I don’t feel like I can write an article on it confidently. So, the best remedy is to get educated on your topic!

Arm yourself with some decent research so that you know that everything you are writing is 100% correct. It removes the fear that people will pick holes in your work as you know your facts are correct!


Be Definite With Your Words

While you don’t want to make bold, audacious claims, you do want to be definite with the points you are making.

That means avoiding words that pad a sentence out. Remove things like “I think it’s likely…”, “It probably will…”, or “I’m pretty certain…”. These phrases make people question whether you actually know what you are writing about.

Instead, avoid the uncertainty and make definite statements when conveying your thoughts and opinions. It improves your authority and will reduce the length of your sentences too.


Keep It Simple

You don’t need to use big words to impress people. In fact, people don’t read blogs and articles to appear scholarly. They read them because they are interested in a topic.

So, use easily readable, conversational English when writing your content.

It means any audience can approach it and won’t feel put off by too much jargon or complicated terms that they do not understand.


Balance The Brag

While confidence is great, arrogance is not.

You want to appear as an expert authority, not as an inflated jackass! So, steer clear of overselling yourself and your abilities.

Blogging is the subtle art of selling, it is not an overt brag-fest. Be conscious that your content is still approachable and interesting.


Get Expert Eyes On It

Sometimes, the only thing that will make you feel confident about a piece is having someone read over it and tell you it is good.

There is always the fear that you have completely got the content wrong, that it isn’t formatted correctly, that it is boring, or that people won’t like it.

Why not give yourself the confidence boost and have an expert pair of eyes check over your work before you post it. With their comments and feedback, you can become a better, more confident writer over time.

So, if you are looking for an expert pair of eyes, then mine would be perfect! Head on over and check out my blog coaching packages which will help you to write with confidence every time.

You could even snag a free mini critique on a recent blog by entering your details below. Once you do, you will get an email detailing the next steps and I’ll come back to you in a few days with my comments and suggestions on your piece.

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