It can be heart wrenching to spend the time and energy crafting a blog post, only to have no one read it. The online space is so crowded with content, that you need to make sure that your article stands out among the many others in the same category. Here are my top tips for how to get your blogs noticed…


Get Your Blogs Noticed… and Read


Try Something Different

Do not write the exact same type of blog as your competitors. You will just blend in and become one of the masses if you do. Try and find a different take, your own opinion, or an opposing opinion for common topics. Your article has a much better chance of standing out if you find a different angle.


Write An Amazing Title

The title is sometimes your only chance to pull your reader in. This is the advertising window for your blog post, make the most of your chance. A catchy title will grab your reader and entice them, a boring title will send them packing. It doesn’t matter how good the content of your blog post is, if you can’t get anyone to actually read it!


Start With A Bang

Do not, I repeat do not start a post with: ‘In this blog we are going to talk about…’ Yawn! I almost fell asleep writing it, let alone reading it. So you got the reader to your post with a catchy title, don’t blow it by being boring! The first paragraph needs to make the reader want to read the entire article. You only have a few seconds to impress your reader, so start your blog post with a bang.

The first paragraph may be the only one read in its entirety. As the reader moves forward in the post they are likely to start scanning. That is why you need to put the most important content into that first paragraph. Ask a question, make a bold claim, whatever is the right fit for your topic and audience.


Put Yourself Into The Blog

Your readers will return for your style of writing, just as much as your content. So let your personality shine through in your writing. Be honest and true to your values. Don’t pretend to be someone that you aren’t. You can also tell a personal story or share your experiences. People love to read pieces that are humanised, then they know a person created it, not a robot.


Get Your Word Count Right

Don’t write too little, or too much. If your post is only a couple of hundred words long then people may think that you don’t have much to say on a topic. Therefore they will assume that you don’t know enough about it. If you write too much then your reader will give up. Reading a massive essay is tiring. Try to find that sweet spot for length that demonstrates your knowledge, but doesn’t bamboozle your readers. Somewhere between 400 and 1000 words is a good word length for a standard blog post.


It can be so hard to stand out in the online space, hopefully these 5 tips will help you to get your blogs noticed and actually read. Don’t forget to promote the heck out of your blog when you release it. Share it on your social media, let your newsletter subscribers know and make it easy for people to share.


I would love to hear if you have any other tactics for getting your blogs to stand out in the crowd. Let me know in the comments below.


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Until next time,
Gemma xx

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