Have you ever sat there wondering what to post on social media?

Or how you can stop answering the exact same questions about your business?

Maybe you struggle to fill your monthly newsletter?

Well, these are all excellent reasons for why your business should have a blog.

A business blog is completely different from influencer blogs or product reviews in exchange for free items.

A business blog educates your readers, provides a connection with your business, and proves that you really do know what you are talking about… among other things, of course!

So, if you have been asking yourself the question, “Do I need a blog for my business?”, then read on to find out why you do…


Do I Need A Blog For My Business?


Cornerstone Content

I always say to people, if you have one new blog post a month, then you have all of your content sorted for the year.


Because your blog post is the cornerstone piece of content you need to create all your social media posts, your newsletter, and networking talking points.

No one likes to work harder than they need to. So, use your blog to work smarter. You can repurpose that one blog post across all your other marketing channels.

Here’s how:

  • Share the link to your blog on Facebook, LinkedIn, Insta, and any other platforms you use
  • Divide up the sub-sections and use them as stand alone social posts
  • Slap an intro on it and maybe a sales offer at the end, then you have your newsletter for the month
  • Use the theme of your blog as a talking point at any networking events you attend

And that is really just the beginning of how you can use the one piece. There are so many other ways that you can creatively repurpose your content.


Answer The FAQs

There will be questions that you get asked ALL the time in your business. You can probably hear them being asked before they actually come out of your potential customer’s mouths.

You can create an FAQ series of blogs that will answer all of those questions, so that you don’t have to manually give the answers on every call.

Obviously, they are valid concerns if so many people are asking you about them in the first place. So, use that content to connect with your audience and start removing the barriers to purchasing before you even speak to them.


Increase Your Visibility

One of the biggest obstacles for a business is being found online. It is no secret that people jump on Google the second they need to find something.

And if they can’t find you via a search engine, then they will use a business they can find.

Every blog that you publish gives you another chance to be found online. And, you can target the kind of traffic that you want. By featuring the keywords that your ideal clients are typing into the search bar, you are giving them a chance to find you.

It is proven that people searching on Google are ready to buy. They are searching for a reason, not just because your business flashed up in front of them in their social media feed.


Build Your Email List

Your email list is a valuable business asset. People have only signed up for it because they have an interest in what you do. People are far more likely to buy from a sales offer you have in your email list than a random post on social media.

So, you can use your blog to capture their contact details and get them on your email list. That way, you can communicate with them regularly and build a strong relationship of trust.

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