I was having a conversation with a prospective client the other day and she asked me a very valid question…

‘Can a blog help me sell more?’

After all, there are so many marketing options out there, you want to make sure you are investing your time and money wisely!

You don’t want to end up throwing money at something that isn’t going to generate results.

So, can a blog help you sell more?

Let’s explore that right now…


Relationship Building

We have all heard the stats that it takes 7-20 interactions with your business before someone is ready to buy from you.

Because we are so overwhelmed with advertising and messaging, we are not so impulsive with our purchases as we used to be. We like to do our research and know that we can trust a business before we buy from it.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If they know nothing about your business, why would they buy from you over the hundreds of other competitors in the market?

However, if they read a regular blog that you publish, they will begin to build a relationship with your business. They will get to know you, start to like you and begin to trust you. All very important factors in the purchasing decision!


Eyes On Your Items

Sales is a numbers game. The more eyes you get on your products and services, the more likely you are to sell them.

So, one of the key elements of generating consistent sales is to have a lot of website traffic. People need to visit your website and see what you have to offer before they can buy it.

Blogs help to increase your blog traffic. They give people a reason to visit your site for interesting information without the pressure of needing to buy. Then, when they are marveling at your awesome blogs, they will be tempted to have a look around at what else you can do for them.


Education About Your Business

There is only so much content you can put on one webpage. Too many words and people will get overwhelmed and click away. That is why you reserve the key information for your webpages and delve deeper into your story in your blogs.

A blog post gives you an opportunity to provide more detail in a more approachable way. You can subtly educate your audience on what you do, how you can help them and give them some valuable action points at the same time.

If people don’t know what you do or the happily ever after moment you can create for them, then they won’t know how much they need your business!


Can A Blog Help You Sell More?

To cut a long story short… yes! A blog can help you sell more.

It may not be a direct sale that comes specifically after reading one blog that you have written. But your blogs add to your overall marketing collateral and strategy.

They are a way to showcase yourself and your business to your readers in a less formal way than your website content or through professional networking.

Your blogs are a peek into your expertise, the solutions you offer, and the person behind the business. Furthermore, your blogs can become the cornerstone content that you can repurpose for all your other platforms.


Are you ready to blog?

Then either click here to grab my freebie resource for ‘How to Write a Blog in Less Than an Hour’ so that you can write kickass content yourself, or check out my blogging packages if you would rather I wrote them for you!

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