Great, you have set aside time in your diary to write.

You are going to get so much done!

But wait… the words aren’t flowing…

Maybe you need a snack?

Maybe a quick visit to the toilet would help?

Suddenly, half of the time you set aside has already disappeared and there is nothing down on the page!

Eeeeek! Panic!

Quick… write something… anything…

This pressure cooker situation is very unlikely to produce your best work. In fact, it is very unlikely to produce any work at all.

So, how can you prevent this from happening and maximise your writing time?

Let me give you my 5 best tips…


5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Writing Time


1: Schedule Prep Time

No athlete will hit the field, pitch or court without some preparation first. So, why would you attempt to tackle the sport of writing without some mind stretches?

Give yourself 5 minutes before you start writing to get prepared. Go to the toilet, have a drink, grab a snack and stretch your legs.

If you do all of these things before you sit down to write, you have no excuse to get up from your computer!

Also, if it will help you remain focused, bring a drink and a snack to your desk with you to keep you going as you write.


2: Come Prepared

Now you are armed with your drink, your snack and your empty bladder, it is time to be prepared on the topic front. 

Don’t use the majority of your allocated time trying to come up with a topic. Instead, sit down with your topic in mind. This may mean that you need to add brainstorming to your list of preparation tasks.

The best way to know what you are writing and when you are writing it is to have a content plan.

In lieu of a content plan, an idea file is really handy. Every time you see a great article that you want to write from your own perspective, save the link in the idea file. Also, note down the questions you get asked all the time, common issues in your industry, the problems you solve and the solutions you deliver.

Then, if you are ever stuck for a blog topic, dip into your idea file and you will be all set!


3: Create The Perfect Environment

Consider how you like to write. Where is the best place for you to get words down on the page?

Is it at your PC? Do you grab your laptop and sit in the garden or at the beach? Maybe you take your tablet to a cafe and fuel your writing with coffee and a muffin?

Give yourself the best chance of knocking out a quick blog post by creating the perfect environment for you. One where you feel inspired and creative.

Also, make sure it is a place where you won’t get interrupted. And just to be safe, turn your phone off or put it on silent to avoid distraction.


4: Give Yourself Permission To Write

We are our own worst critics. When it comes to writing, we are so hard on ourselves.

Often, when you sit down to write a blog, you are held back by the shadow of ‘Imposter Syndrome’, fears you aren’t good enough, worries about your competition, nerves that the piece won’t be well received.

If you spend all your time worrying, then you will never write.

Try to push all of that negativity out of your mind and give yourself permission to write freely. You will be amazed by the results that you generate.


5: Fix It Up Later

There is often a perception that you need to write perfectly in that first draft. But it is called a draft for a reason. It is your first attempt. 

Instead of stressing, just write all the crap and rubbish down as it falls out of your head. Once you have some words there in your document, you can edit them. But it is very hard to edit a blank page!

So, just write now and edit later.


There you have it. Five great tips to help you maximise the time you have to write. I can’t wait to see what you produce!

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