It is no secret that New Zealanders love a bit of DIY.

Hand us some number eight wire and a 2×4 and we are in our element (well, not me literally, but this is what I am told!)

Basically, we are a capable culture of people that believe we can do anything we set out mind too.

While that is an admirable trait, it isn’t always the best attitude to have. It means we think we can DIY a lot of jobs. Whether it is to save money or to feel that sense of accomplishment, we are in there gumboots and all.

But, should we be?


Is DIY really the best use of our time?

Take this example, last Easter we were getting ready to put our house on the market. There were a lot of jobs to do in a short space of time as the real estate photographer was coming to take photos right after the Easter long weekend.

After taking a look at the ceiling in the bathroom, we decided it needed a repaint. There were a couple of spots where the paint had peeled.

So, we took ourselves down to Mitre 10 for all the supplies we needed.

It would be helpful to mention at this point, that we aren’t handy people.

We respect our own skills and DIY is not one of them. Had we the time and if there were tradies working over Easter, we would have definitely paid someone to do the job for us.

But, I digress!

Home we came with our paint, scrapers, filler, masking tape, brushes, sandpaper, drop sheet and goodness knows what else. And we set to work.

For something that seemed like a simple job, it took us a long time to accomplish.

First there was the prep work of the scraping, sanding, filling, more sanding, more filling… still more sanding. And this was all before we even had the chance to pick up a paintbrush!

Do you know what? It took us all damn weekend to repaint the ceiling in the bathroom. Four long days, some very tired arms, and a lot of swearing produced a pretty average result.

I mean, the ceiling looked “fine”. But who is really going for “fine” as an end result?!

What is the purpose of this long ranty story about painting? It’s that sometimes, DIY is just not worth it. A professional would have knocked that job out in a day, maybe less.

And they would have done a MUCH better job than we did.

When you apply that mentality to other areas of your life, what is DIY really costing you? Especially when it comes to your business.

Let’s explore the REAL cost of DIYing your blogging.


What Is DIY Blogging Costing Your Business?

Alright, we know that blogging is a valuable resource for your business. And if you aren’t sure of all the benefits, then check out my recent blog on that very topic!

You know you should be doing it. But, what is it costing you to do this task yourself?

You may think that you are saving yourself money by taking on this task. But, it could be costing you thousands of dollars a year!

Let’s run some numbers…

  • You spend four hours brainstorming, researching and writing your first draft @ $100 an hour (or whatever your hourly rate is)… cost of $400
  • You then spend a further two hours proofreading, tweaking, editing and making changes… cost of $200

Total cost of a single DIY blog = $600
Annual cost of DIY blogging = $7200


Now let’s look at what it would cost you if you outsourced your blog writing to a professional content writer.

  • 1x 30-min Brainstorm session to set a content plan for the whole year (12 blogs): $15 per blog
  • Content writer (that’s me!) researches and writes an SEO optimised 600-word blog based on a mutually agreed topic: $120 per blog
  • You spend 30 mins reviewing the first draft of the blog: $50 per blog

Total cost of a single outsourced blog = $185
Annual costs to outsource your blogging = $2220

Outsourcing your blogs to a content writer can save you almost $5000 a year!

It’s pretty crazy to think that you could save that much and also gain a workday back. If you choose to outsource, you won’t have to spend a day every month writing a blog.

Instead, you will just need a mere 30 minutes to review and tweak a piece created specifically for your business. Plus, you know that piece has been expertly crafted by a professional.

A high quality blog for less money than doing it yourself!


So, are you ready to save time and money by outsourcing your blog writing? Then, simply drop me an email to and we can chat further!

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