So you have heard about how important a business blog is. But why are they so important? I am here to tell you 5 reasons why having an awesome blog is vital for your business.

1.Business Blogs Bring People to Your Website

Posting regular blog articles will give you more chances to be found in search engines like Google. Each time you create a blog post it gives your website another page. These pages can then be searched and indexed by Google and other search engines. Then when a potential customer enters a specific search term into a search engine, your blog might match! Creating a regular blog post will provide you with more chances to be found for free by people who may not necessarily have come to your website otherwise.


2. Business Blogs Help Build a Relationship with Your Tribe

By providing regular new content in blog posts, you are constantly providing your tribe with more value. You can also be more personal in a blog post than in your website content. By giving your tribe a little insight into your business and about yourself, you can strengthen the relationship you have with them. You build trust and a connection with your tribe which can then convert to sales.


3. Business Blogs Help Convert Sales

Often when you write a blog post you will be solving a pain, answering a question or offer advice. A business blog is not a place to directly try and sell products. That’s not to say that blog posts won’t bring you more sales. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. In each blog post you need to give your readers a Call to Action. This can include stating how one of your products or services can help the reader or solve a problem for them.


4. Business Blogs Allow You to Become and Authority in Your Field

The key way to be seen as an expert in your field is to be able to teach people about related topics. A business blog is the perfect opportunity for this. If people learn valuable things from you then they are going to associate your name with your field. They are also more likely to visit your website when they are looking to buy, rather than a random company in a search engine. You just need to ensure that each of your blog posts are relevant to your field.


5. Business Blogs Give You a Permanent Internet Presence

Social Media is a necessary business tool, but it is a fickle one. You will never be able to ensure all of your followers see the content that you post. However, your business blog post can be found by anyone who looks for it. It will remain available for people to visit and view for the entire life of your website.


So are you ready to get started on blogging?

If you are having trouble finding the time or the words then get in touch on and I am happy to help you produce fantastic content for your readers.

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