How many times have you said these very words… “I’ll get onto writing my content soon”?

It’s something that we tell ourselves when we are in procrastination mode or when we are prioritising something else.

It seems like the easiest job to push to the bottom of the pile on a busy day.

After all, who will notice?

Well, if you think about it, the impact of procrastinating about writing your content can be huge.

Missing one blog post or a few social media posts doesn’t seem like much. But, it can start the ball rolling on long term procrastination and inactivity. 

From there, you are one step away from fading into obscurity!

I know that sounds extreme, but these excuses we tell ourselves can impact the visibility of our business if we let them.

Here are the top three procrastination reasons busted…


I Don’t Have Time To Write

You might not think that you have time to write, but somehow we find a way to scroll Facebook when we should be working. Or research your new winter jacket online.

Saying you don’t have time to write is basically saying that you aren’t making your business a priority.

We all know that content marketing is one of the main ways to get eyes on your business. Without eyes on your business, you won’t generate leads. And without leads, you are unlikely to generate new sales.

So, in short… if you don’t write, you could be costing your business sales.

Instead of saying you don’t have time to write, try to reshape your mindset. Don’t bump your content off the list as a time saving tactic. Prioritise it as a sales tactic.

Set a time in your diary every month to make sure that your content gets written.

And, if you are worried about the time it will take you to write a blog post, you can grab my freebie resource that teaches you how to write a blog in an hour. Download it here.


I Have Nothing To Write About

This excuse can be crippling one. If you have no ideas in your head when you sit down to write your content, then you are going to struggle.

It is hard to be creative on demand and to come up with an idea on the spot.

So, don’t do that!

Be proactive and keep an idea file of potential blog topics on hand. Then, when it comes time to write, you have plenty of topics to choose from.

If you are a structured person, you can take your idea file one step further and form the topics into a content plan. Or if you are more flexible, just keep the list of topics there ready to draw on.

Keeping an idea file is really easy. You just write down any ideas as they come to you, if you see an article that you can write your own spin on, or if someone else makes a great suggestion.

It can be hard to come up with topic ideas for your own business. So, a great way around this is to brainstorm with a fellow business owner. Give them ideas for their business and they can give you ideas for yours.

Another way is to borrow the creative brain of a content writer! If you are stuck on what you should be writing about, then drop me an email to with your business name and website and I’ll shoot you some ideas back.


No One Wants To Hear What I Have To Say

It is easy to convince yourself that no one will want to read your content. That they will judge what you have written or think that you are wrong.

But, that is just not true.

If you get your content in front of your ideal clients, they will be lapping it up. They will want to have access to your knowledge and expertise. They will even look forward to reading your content each month.

Only you can write in the way that you do. There might be a hundred other people doing the same thing as you, but they won’t talk about it in the same way or have your approach. People will be drawn to your style and tone.

The truth is, the internet can be an ugly place and there will always be trolls and haters out there. But, those are not the people you want to work with in your business anyway. 

If you focus your energies on the people you do want to work with, then they will definitely want to hear what you have to say!


Part of getting your content written is giving yourself permission to do it. And carving out time in your week to get the words on the page of course!

So, if you are looking for a great, productive space where you ensure you get your content written every month, why not join my Content Creation Club?

Designated time to write and all the tools and resources to produce quality content without stress and hassle. Sound good? Then email me on to find out more. 

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