So, what is a copywriter?

It’s a question I get asked all the time. It’s a question my husband gets asked all the time when he tells people what I do. In fact, he had resorted to telling them I was a writer. Until that brought up questions of where I had been published!

That is why my title is Chief Word Nerd. People are hesitant to ask what a copywriter is, but they are on board with questioning me about my nerdiness!

Basically, a copywriter, or a word nerd for that matter, helps you by writing any written content you need for your business.

Sitting down to write can be a stressful task when you don’t know what to say, how to structure it or have a spare day to nut it all out.

Which is why you should save yourself the stress and outsource these 5 writing tasks pronto!


5 Pieces Of Written Content You Should Outsource Right Now!


1: Blogs

Blogging has all sorts of benefits for your business. It ticks the SEO box, it builds a relationship with your target audience, it proves you really are an expert in your field and drives traffic to your website.

But it can take so long to write a blog.

The first obstacle is coming up with a topic that people want to read about. Then there is the research, the planning, the structure, the keyword research… and that is before you even type a word of the actual article.

Your time is precious and you only have so much of it in a day. Contrary to popular small business belief, you do actually have to sleep! So why not focus your time and energy on the things in your business that matter, the things that only you can do.

And outsource your blogs to a copywriter.


2: Webpages

Your website is the central online hub for your business.

What is the first thing you do when you want to know more about a business? You Google them and take a look at their website.

So, your website needs to give those visitors the right impression of your business. The prettiest, snazziest, sleekest website in the world will still fail if it doesn’t have great written content to back up the visuals.

But how do you know what to write about? What should be on your About Page, how can you write compelling product descriptions, and what should that all-important Home Page headline say?

Instead of stressing about what to write where and how to word it, outsource it to a copywriter!


3: Email Content

Email is a powerful marketing tool. It is an asset that you own and control. You get to choose the content you send and the message you portray. There are no restrictions or guidelines to meet, like with other forms of advertising.

But it is just another thing on the very long list of things to write.

How’s that newsletter going? Is it going out every month like you intended?

What about your welcome sequence, your evergreen sales funnel, or your abandoned cart emails?

They are all necessary components of your business, but they often get pushed to the bottom of the list in favour of client work or product creation. Move them to the top of your list by outsourcing them to a copywriter.


4: Video Scripts

Video is huge! It is taking the marketing world by storm.

But if you want to provide value in your video content, then you need to have an idea of what you are going to say and how you are going to deliver your points. A script is the ultimate way to ensure you deliver the message you want, and not a stream of umms, ahhs and long pauses while you think about what you will say next.

Depending on the length of your video, writing a script can be a massive task. It is effectively a spoken blog post. Unlike a blog, you need each sentence to flow onto the next in a logical order. You can’t simply throw in a subheading or a list of bullet points without leading up to it.

Video takes long enough to record without investing the time to write a script too. Instead, scripts are another thing that you can outsource to a copywriter.


5: Social Media Posts

You know social media is important for your business, your colleague knows social media is important for your business, so what is it so hard to write content for it?

It is the constant pressure to come up with engaging ideas that holds you back.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone who was skilled at crafting compelling messages that your audience could engage with? There is, that person is a copywriter. You can also outsource the creation of your social media posts to one.


Writing can be hard. Even if you love to write, it is a time consuming task. So, if you are looking for ways to create more time in your day, consider outsourcing some of these writing tasks. If you need help with any of these tasks then get in touch with me.

I would be happy to give you some time back in your day by writing some of your content for you. Get in touch with me now.

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